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Member Spotlight

The member spotlight is a chance to get to know some of the NGPC’s more experienced photographers; these individuals consistently give their time to help keep the club running smoothly, and help answer questions and share knowledge to help the club grow.   For our paid members, many of them also volunteer their time to offer one-on-one mentoring.

View their profiles below, and visit their social media accounts or websites to see some of their work.

Dick Snoke

Dick acquired his first camera in Germany during his military service, and has been shooting ever since -- over 55 years now.  As his children grew, most of his pictures were of his family, but his daughters would tell you he had a fascination with flowers all along.

With the advent of digital cameras and associated computer software, photography became a more serious hobby, and when he retired, it became a major hobby.

Dick enjoys nature photography most, but he is inclined to shoot whatever presents itself as he travels the world.  His intent is both to be creative and to show others the beauty that can be found all around us.
Lisa Saines

Lisa enjoyed film photography as a teen and won several ribbons at her local county fair of landscapes of the American West from trips her family would take.

Upon moving to Arizona after college, Lisa grew to love the dessert southwest, and the rivers, mountains and National Parks of the region. Landscapes of the Western U.S. are her favorite subject.

Lisa also has a background in music and other arts and finds the editing of photography a fantastic, creative outlet that she can focus on for way too many hours!
Mike Sussman

Mike is a self-taught photographer living about 50 miles north of Atlanta. He loves to travel all over Georgia and the Southeast photographing nature, landscapes, waterfalls, rural scenes, trains, and car shows.

Mike's work has been featured in local Car and Georgia Backroads magazines.
Travis Rhoads

Travis Rhoads is an international award winning fine art photographer working in a wide range of photographic genres. He has a unique ability to have a conceptual vision of the finished image before the camera is ever turned on. The results are well crafted dramatic black and white images, vibrant and ethereal color long exposures and landscapes that immerse the viewer in the scene. His artistic background extends back to high school where he received awards for his fine art drawings and paintings. In college he studied architecture at The Savannah College of Art & Design where he received a Masters degree. While at Savannah College of Art & Design he also took several photography courses that jumpstarted his passion for photography.

His images have found homes across the country, and he is always on the search for his next work of art.
David Akoubian

David has been a photographer since 1972 when his father presented him with his first camera, but his career in photography started in 1992. David learned his craft originally as a painter and from his father who shares his love of nature and photography. Early in his career he traveled with, learned from and taught beside some of the masters of nature photography including John Shaw, Art Wolfe, Galen Rowell, Bryan Peterson, Pat O'Hara, and Rod Planck. David has been teaching photography since 1994 in the classroom and leading workshops around the United States. David presents and leads workshops at many of the country’s top photographic conferences such as the Photographic Society of America Annual Conference, as well as many camera clubs across the United States.

David is a Tamron Image Master and a Sirui Ambassador. He resides in the mountains of North Georgia with his wife Evelyn in an area they have named Bear Woods.
Jim Durfee

Jim has had a lifetime fascination with photography, and enjoys the perspective of looking through the lens, capturing unique images, and freezing memories in time. He considers himself mostly a nature photographer, although he does not limit himself to one category of photography.

Jim also considers photography an art form and tries his best to reveal and express this in the images that he captures.

Rick Olson

Rick Olson learned the mechanics of photography in the ‘80’s on a 35mm Minolta, but he believes he will still be learning the art of photography for the rest of his life. An experienced amateur, Rick loves to shoot pretty much anything but he’s most fond of wildlife and landscape photography. Rick believes that any camera can capture an excellent image, but it’s best when the artist maximizes control.

Cory Huntington

An award-winning professional portrait photographer, Cory’s work has been featured in several publications and various product catalogs over the last 20+ years; however, his real passion has always been nature and wildlife photography. His landscapes have been displayed in various homes, businesses, and art shows.

Having recently made Georgia his home, Cory looks forward to exploring all the natural beauty of the mountains, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls in the area. He also loves to travel with his wife, taking in all the wonders our planet has to offer.
Michael Amos

Michael’s interest in photography began in 1995 while he was volunteering for the United States Forest Service performing trail maintenance. This was a time when he first dabbled in nature photography which soon evolved into creating landscapes and floral images. Over the years, he has moved from these concentrations to include travel and still life while experimenting with minimalism.

He is currently a member of the Roswell Photographic Society, North Georgia Photography Club and the Georgia Nature Photography Association. His images have been displayed in the Allen Ashton Gallery, the Roswell Visual Arts Center, the Dawsonville Arts Council Gallery and the Quinlan Arts Center with several recognitions by the Atlanta Audubon Society.

Bob Caspar

Bob has been making images since back in the 1970’s.

He started with his first real camera, a Minolta SRT202. He still has that camera today. He fell in love with photography because it captures a moment in time that will never happen again. For many years, he used photography as part of his profession as he was required to take photos of buildings & contents to record the damages after a disaster, such as a fire, flood or hurricane. He used instamatic cameras, Polaroid cameras and point and shoot cameras to accomplish this and he still enjoyed photography.

About 3 years ago, he retired & decided that capturing the moment was what he wanted to continue to do. he bought my first DSLR in 2017 and he enjoys making images most days.

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